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A year of learning - 2016

I believe in continuous learning. Not exactly as a life philosophy but so much as it makes me feel fulfilled. So as i took a walk down my memory lane but not so far long, just a year back, yes that right, just as i set this website up. As i said in my previous post, there has been quiet a lot of things going around and hence it took me a while to post this. So i ask myself a simple question, what new stuff have i learned the past year?. well the answer lies in the following,

Haskell: Optparse-applicative and Wreq library.

Simple Private Git repo/server


The past days have been hectic. A lot was happening on my personal as well as on my professional side and by a lot, i mean, enough material to keep 3 or 4 blogs posts rolling. So instead of being stuck on an infinite cycle of deciding where to begin, I am taking the easy way by writing something that has been on my mind for a while. 

The Agony and Ectasy of OSCP

Fun and Frustrating. Thos are the words i would use to describe my whole experience with the labs and especially with the OSCP exam. To  give an idea, starting from the begining: It was Mark who suggested a while ago that I should attempt the OSCP certification. I made a mental note to try OSCP but due to other considerations and priorities OSCP was set aside. So a couple of months back, I , finally decided to set things in motion.   I registered for the PWK course , obtained the VPN credentials and now it was time for starting the labs.

xargs, shell instances, execution order and bash one-liners

I must confess that i have an addiction to writing one-liners. Probably a bad habit i picked from hanging around code-golfers. Afterall, i am lazy and i prefer a quick and dirty solutions. But that is only part of the appeal. Apart from serving as a great party trick, occasionally, one-liners made me ponder questions that i normally would not have considered.

So I have one happy client

As of last week, I had a first client assignment completed.  It was a new experience on many levels since this was the first work i got to do from home with occasional visits to discuss. The work was a simple one, modify a webdesign and migrate to a new host. The techinical aspect of it was not a complicated one. Worry about a few css script, one javascript and a bit of php altering followed by migration. The migration part was something that i new in theory (or atleast the ground knowledge of it) but it gave me an experience to work it out in practice.

List of Tasks to do after Successfully Installing a Base Arch system.

This thing has been on my mind for a while. Arch is usually considered a difficult distro to install among most linux users probably only rivalled by Gentoo. There are those who praise the " Keep it Simple stupid " principle and there are others who think that Arch and Simple existing in the same sentence is an example of oxymoron. My own experience is somewhat on the former but there have been moments where i was inclined with the latter. By no means do i consider myself an arch expert but more along the lines of a bit above an intermediate archer.

List of Novels I want to read for this year.

I, usually, have a list of novels that i keep on the lookout for and rarely, do i make a list for it. I guess having your own online site changes that. Additionally, since i have a bit more events happening around me, plus, more people in my life, this helps to keep my thoughts in context. The next time my Mother-in-law needs to know what i want, she knows where to find..........


So here goes the list.

Installing NIXOS - my experience so far.

Sometimes, I like to try new things. Some of them , have impressed me on first attempt, for example arch, qemu, lagrangians, etc while other have grown on me over the time, like Latex, Haskell, etc, and there are others which i vow never to use again (no, not gonna mention those abominations). Eventhough , I am curious to try new things, there is also a skeptical side which tries to reel in my curious-hyperactive self.