new job and a quick update

I haven't updated my blog post for a while. Partly because of my new job, thank you OSCP.

 Yes, Yours truly is now a penetration tester and no please do not ask me if i can hack your gmail, dropbox, fb or twitter account. And also no I do not provide tips for stalking you ex, ex's current beau or your high school bully online. Seriously, going off on a random rant, chances are there that if you have encountered me anywhere in the wild, I would state my profession as a system administrator. Mostly, because of all those annoying questions that are usually directed at me everytime I mention pentester.

Most of my time was occupied tried to find a new apartment to settle down, fighting with ISP to get my internet connections, trying to not let those long distance stuff spoil our relationship....etc.

On the learning side, i took up a few jeopardy type challenges and even though i haven't as much success as i would like to have but looking back at the amount of stuff i have learned, i would say it was a really steep curve. Most post on that will come later.

My new coworkers started our own CTF-team, So i guess there is one more post on NGUNS is in order.

One of the important things that i learned from this job was how much of social grace plays an important role. While most of the general opinion on pentesters tend to be lone-wolf-ninjas, working within a corporate environoment made me realise how much of deciding factor it plays. Put it in a nutshell, this one skillsets offsets the balance between a productive and toxic work enviononment. So goals for this year, (i am putting it in caps and bold,)  : LEARN HOW TO ROLL THE FRIENDLY TEATIME BANTER

Till next post them.


Side Note: please do not ask me about the Mr. Robot guy either, I don't know him.



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