June 2016

So I have one happy client

As of last week, I had a first client assignment completed.  It was a new experience on many levels since this was the first work i got to do from home with occasional visits to discuss. The work was a simple one, modify a webdesign and migrate to a new host. The techinical aspect of it was not a complicated one. Worry about a few css script, one javascript and a bit of php altering followed by migration. The migration part was something that i new in theory (or atleast the ground knowledge of it) but it gave me an experience to work it out in practice.

xargs, shell instances, execution order and bash one-liners

I must confess that i have an addiction to writing one-liners. Probably a bad habit i picked from hanging around code-golfers. Afterall, i am lazy and i prefer a quick and dirty solutions. But that is only part of the appeal. Apart from serving as a great party trick, occasionally, one-liners made me ponder questions that i normally would not have considered.