About Me

I , originally, planned to leave this page empty. But remember reading somewhere that the most visited page in personal websites is the about me page and so here are a few words about.

Who am I? I am Brenda. I was born in india but moved to germany and currently I am living in ulm with my wife. Contrary to stereotyping, no, i am not a Vegan and yes, i do prefer beef and pork and our house is not overrun with kittens (yet....).  Part of my blogs touch on my life in germany, the other part about my personal life, but mostly I am more animated when i talk about my run in with linux, haskell and physics (which i do very little these days). My preferred choice of linux is Arch but i do dabble with gentoo once in a while for feel and experience. I prefer commandline and did i mention that vim is my choice of editor?  

I guess this much is enough for a small introduction. Maybe i will update this page more often. I promise.  


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