February 2017

Simple Private Git repo/server


The past days have been hectic. A lot was happening on my personal as well as on my professional side and by a lot, i mean, enough material to keep 3 or 4 blogs posts rolling. So instead of being stuck on an infinite cycle of deciding where to begin, I am taking the easy way by writing something that has been on my mind for a while. 

A year of learning - 2016

I believe in continuous learning. Not exactly as a life philosophy but so much as it makes me feel fulfilled. So as i took a walk down my memory lane but not so far long, just a year back, yes that right, just as i set this website up. As i said in my previous post, there has been quiet a lot of things going around and hence it took me a while to post this. So i ask myself a simple question, what new stuff have i learned the past year?. well the answer lies in the following,

Haskell: Optparse-applicative and Wreq library.