Wishlist of Books (Non-Fiction) for this year.

Since , I already made a post about Fiction list for the books , here comes my technical books that I wish to read.


  • Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell¬† by Simon Marlow - This one has been sitting on my table for 6 months. I try to read a few pages , grabs the concepts but diverting my attention to other immediate project. This cycle has been going on for the past 5 months. Hope i get to complete this one by the end of this year.
  • Shellcoder's Handbook by Chris Anley et al - Another book that is sitting on my shelf and taking too long. Probably the presence of this book should explain why i could not manage to complete the Parallel and Concurrent programming in Haskell and vice versa. After all, i find it really a pain to switch between bare shellcode and higher level abstractions of haskell.
  • Quantum Algorithms by Michele Mosca - Technically this one falls under the category of review article and not a book but since it has been a while since i read quantum computations and error corrections so this would be a nice read just to see how far things have proceeded in the meantime. Normally, during my grad days this should not take me a long time but right now since i am out of academics, i guess other things take precedence.
  • Quantum Algorithms for Algebraic Problems - Another review articles that I would like to read.
  • An Introduction to Quantum Machine Learning - It would be interesting to see how stochastic methods for relations analysis translates in terms of quantum computation
  • Category Theory for Computer Science by Barrs and Well - By no means, do i count myself as a mathematician. I know a bit of cateory theory to find my way around in topological defects and abstract spaces but i find my lack of proper understanding of category theory disturbing (definitely pulled a Darth Vader here.) especially when it comes to understand type classes and phantom types.
  • Hacker's Delight by Henry S. Warren - This would be a great compliment¬† to read with Shellcoder's handbook.
  • OCaml from the Begining by John Whitington - Amal from adamant from the begining that i learn OCaml instead of Haskell. Now after having to go through Monads and generalised ADT, just to parse commandline arguments, i am thinking of just taking a look at OCaml.

This is the end of wishlist for this year and hopefully, i get to complete half of them atleast.

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