Stepping into the internetherworld

The internet can be a scary place. Remember all the bed time stories our parents used to read to us. Some of those stories often have a theme. More often the main baddie or the big evil can only be vanquished by uttering his/her true name and in other tales the heroine is caught in a strange turn of events because she revealed too much (rotkaeppchen ... *cough* ). The basic moral is to safeguard information and not to reveal too much about yourself to strangers. So, I made this my excuse in justifying my procastrination to put myself on the web. untill something happend last month.

Due to social situations, I had to meet with new people. To my comfort, most of them are Linux enthusiastists. So naturally like all linux groups we started following around with one-liners and perl golfs. We tried to bet who can come up with innovative ways to through forkbombs. In course of our friendly banter a strange revealation occured to me. We have been sharing tidbits and juicy details from our everyday experience , ranging from sysadmin horrors to how we managed to run some exotic piece of hardware. Thats when i decided, to get working on my own website.

I am pretty sure my head has enough entropy to fill this part of the online world with random tidbits. and with this i come to the end of my first blog .


P.S: In programmers language, this blog would be the hello world program.

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