A year of learning - 2016

I believe in continuous learning. Not exactly as a life philosophy but so much as it makes me feel fulfilled. So as i took a walk down my memory lane but not so far long, just a year back, yes that right, just as i set this website up. As i said in my previous post, there has been quiet a lot of things going around and hence it took me a while to post this. So i ask myself a simple question, what new stuff have i learned the past year?. well the answer lies in the following,

Haskell: Optparse-applicative and Wreq library.

The Agony and Ectasy of OSCP

Fun and Frustrating. Thos are the words i would use to describe my whole experience with the labs and especially with the OSCP exam. To  give an idea, starting from the begining: It was Mark who suggested a while ago that I should attempt the OSCP certification. I made a mental note to try OSCP but due to other considerations and priorities OSCP was set aside. So a couple of months back, I , finally decided to set things in motion.   I registered for the PWK course , obtained the VPN credentials and now it was time for starting the labs.